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Home Safes LocksmithA home safe can be a solid investment. It allows you to keep items such as IDs and Passports safe, or to keep a reserve of cash in your house in case of emergencies, or to keep important and sensitive documents safe. The nature of this device obviously means that you want it to be as safe and secure as possible. So, what happens when you lose the key? Or what happens if the lock breaks?

Safes are designed to be impregnable. There wouldn’t be much point in them otherwise. Most safes are even fireproof these days. This makes getting inside them with a broken lock incredibly difficult and often requires the touch of a professional.

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There are ways to get inside your safe yourself but these methods won’t always work. If this is the case then, your best option is to call us at Locksmith Adelaide Quote. These methods include:

  • Inputting The Combination to the Lock.
  • Unlocking the Door Using the Main or Spare Key.
  • Contacting the Manufacturer Using the Manufacturer’s Contact Details and Giving Them Details About the Safe.
  • Professional Help from a Locksmith.

Our team of commercial and residential locksmiths are highly trained experts that will be with you in a matter of minutes at any time of day. Our 24/7 emergency hotline can be called at any time so that you can get access to your documents and items as soon as possible. We know exactly how to get into your safe and will do so without causing any additional damage.

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Tips and Tricks for Opening Your Home Safe

  • Accessing Home SafesThe easiest way to gain access to your home safe in an emergency is to use the combination or the key that was included with the safe when you purchased it. An instruction booklet should also have been included so that you can find this combination fairly easily.
  • If you have lost the keys to the safe, then you can normally order a replacement from the manufacturer. Their number should be on the information sheet or instruction booklet that was included with the safe. Once you give them the details of your safe (make, model, etc.) the will send you a key through the mail. This may not be free and almost certainly is not a quick option. So, if you need access to the safe immediately, this may not be the best option for you.
  • If you forget the combination, then you will want to find out what it is ASAP. The manufacturer will often have a record of the combination on their system. This means that you can give them a call and they will more than likely tell you the combination over the phone based off the serial number of your safe. This phone number is again in the instruction booklet provided with the safe. This option means that you can gain access to your safe quickly and easily, so that you can get your valued possessions out of the safe quickly.

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These methods should all work, however the last two are likely to take some time. This can be a problem if you need the documents soon. The following options are quicker options that are perfect if you need immediate access to the safe.

  • A combination lock safe can be very difficult to gain access to by yourself. The process is surprisingly simple yet difficult to pull of if you don’t have perfect coordination or hearing.

1. While holding the clamp firmly upright, spin the dial to the right while holding your ear close to it until you hear a soft click. This means that you have found the first part of the combination.

2. Home Safes Tips and TricksNext, turn the dial left until you hear another click. This is the second part of the combination.

3. Repeat these steps until you have found the required number of digits for the combination.

4. If you held the clamp up for all of this process, then the clamp should come free and the safe should open.

  • If you need faster access and the previous method didn’t work, then give us a call. Our locksmiths have been trained to be able to get your safe open quickly so that you can get on with your day and regain access to your valuables quickly. If you need the contents of the safe in your hands immediately, then a trained locksmith is the ideal solution.

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Regaining access to your safe in the event of losing your key, or the lock breaking doesn’t have to be a grueling and difficult process. Just give our expertly trained locksmiths a call.

call locksmith adelaide quoteOur emergency hotline is open 24/7 so that you can regain access to your safe whenever you need to. We have teams of specialists deployed across Adelaide so that there is always a team within a few minutes’ drive of you. This allows us to help you regain access to your safe as quickly as possible. All of our vans carry the necessary equipment for any job and will be able to get on with the work as soon as they arrive at the scene.

Give our hotline a call and our friendly customer representative will dispatch a team of professionals to your location immediately so that you don’t have to worry about gaining access to your safe for too long. We provide the quickest and best quality locksmith service in Adelaide at competitive prices. We guarantee that you will regain access to your safe as soon as possible whatever the problem.

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We don’t just unlock safes, we are experts in unlocking all sorts of locks, from car doors and front doors, to commercial buildings. We can even cut extra keys from the back of our vans so that you can create spares on the spot. Our experts are equipped with all of the tools necessary for any job and can take care of whatever problem you present them with!

So, stop wasting time trying to gain access by yourself and give our team of experts a call now!